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Red Snapper / 红鸡鱼 / Merah Farm (1.1- 1.3kg)
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Red snapper is a low-calorie, lean source of protein that is rich in selenium, vitamin A, potassium and omega-3 fatty acids. A diet that regularly incorporates these nutrients may significantly benefit your health by preventing serious medical conditions. This is a fine fish for just about any method of cooking: pan fried, steamed whole, baked, poached or in soup. 


 These are farm-caught fishes! 养殖鱼

All fishes are clean and gutted, then vacuum-packed to ensure freshness and quality! 

Gutting, Scaling & Cleaning reduces gross weight by 10-20%.

由于已经去除鳞片,内脏及清洁,重量减少约10 -20%

100% Natural & Preservatives Free / 100%天然& 绝无防腐